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Wholesale Mulch in Atlanta
Atlanta Landscaping Mulch for Sale, Wholesale
At 81 Inert (6444 Highway 81 Marietta, Georgia), we sell native wholesale Mulch to landscapers, haulers, graders, residents. Our materials are clean, direct from the earth at our site. Did you know that natural recycled mulch lasts 10x longer than bagged stuff?
1) 81 provides wholesale prices in Metro Atlanta, saving you 25% to 75%
2) Quick quote 404-725-8515: Same-day and next day delivery
3) Or Pick-up Mulch at our site


  • We sell clean natural mulch
  • Recycled mulch optimizes to last 10x longer
  • Usage: protective cover placed over the soil to retain moisture, reduce erosion, provide nutrients, and suppress weed growth and seed germination.
  • Prices: From $100 per truck load 16 cu yards within 10 miles
  • Pick-up: $7 per cu yard
  • Multiple loads / commercial: Wholesale based on your location: 404-725-8515

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Submit a pre-order with your information. We will contact you with pricing and scheduling. We can order same-day for most order placed before 10:00 AM or next day for orders after 10:00 AM

81 Dirt & Gravel
6444 Highway 81
Marietta, Georgia, 30052

404-725-8515 - dirtatlanta@gmail.com